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Decking with deck cover and stairs

If your deck is on the first story of your house, or even on the second story, adding stairs opens up your outdoor living space for easy access to ground level. There are a few common design patterns to choose from.

Building code requires stairs to be a minimum of 3 feet wide, or 36 inches wide. We recommend building stairs to be a minimum of 4 feet wide to ensure enough space for comfortable use, and practical reasons like moving furniture up to and down from your deck.

Straight decking stairs

Standard Straight Stairs

The most common set of stairs simply consists of a series of steps connecting your deck to the ground.

Wrap around stairs

Wrap-around or Cascading Stairs

Building stairs that wrap-around one or more corners of your deck creates a very open look to your outdoor living space. This option limits the amount of railing that is used, and in effect, leaving the view on that length of the deck unobstructed.

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