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Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many options! How do I go about deciding which decking materials to buy?
  • Styling, get the look you want.
  • Your Budget.
  • Your Environment, choose the right deck for your weather conditions.
  • Durability/ Longevity Expectations.
How long will my new deck last?

Longevity of your new deck will depend on the materials used. For example: composite decking often comes with a 30 year warranty, while PVC decking board options come with a 50 year warranty. Both composite and PVC decks will last longer than natural cedar wood or other pressure treated woods.

What about maintenance? How can I extend the life of my deck?

For composite decking and PVC decking, occasional washing is all you'll need. Use a brush, a little detergent, and water. Be careful not to drop objects or chemicals onto the deck that may damage it. Unlike natural wood, composite and PVC boards are coated when they're manufactured and the resulting finish lasts decades.

What brands of decking materials do you recommend?

Trex and TimberTech(formerly Azek) are our go-to decking board suppliers. Both TimberTech and Trex offer decking boards in many colors, all of which look fantastic, and come with long life-span warranties. View TimberTech's product catalogue in this link. Have a look at Trex's product catalogue in this link.

How wide do stairs have to be to pass building code inspection?

Stairs have to be a minimum of 3 feet wide, or 36 inches wide, to pass code inspection.

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