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Dock Building Services

Maintaining a safe, sturdy, and great looking dock

3 Brothers Decking is your go-to dock construction contractor. We are here to provide support in all aspects of your new dock construction. We also provide dock repair services to keep your existing deck in the best possible shape; for look, durability, and safety.

For all your dock needs, we offer:

  • Designing and planning your new dock.
  • We can help decide on dock materials.
  • Advising for maximum longevity/ safety.
  • Demolishing and removing your previous dock.
  • We handle delivery of all materials.
  • Any and all aspects of the deck construction process.
Dock in need of repair

If you need a new dock, or for your existing dock to be repaired, 3 Brothers Decking is the company to call. We'll deliver every bit of expert craftsmanship and high quality materials that we offer on our decks.

Recommended materials for dock construction

  • Traditional Cedar Decking Boards
  • High Quality PVC Decking Boards

We recommend Cedar decking boards and PVC decking materials for your dock. Composite decking boards, which we love to use on decks, can get hot and uncomforable to stand on with bare feet. For this reason: cedar dock construction is a common choice, as well as PVC dock construction is preferred. The recommended PVC decking boards for your dock come with a 50 year warranty. Maritime dock builder construction services come with a 10 year warranty.

See our PVC decking board colors and options for your dock building project.
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